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Oman International Group SAOC (OIG) - Who we are

Oman International Group SAOC, a prominent figure in Oman’s Facilities Management Industry, boasts over 42 years of experience. Originating as a local partnership in 1976, it swiftly evolved, becoming a Limited Liability Company shortly after, and in 2013, transformed into a Closed Joint Stock Company (SAOC). This evolution underscores its adaptability and enduring success in a competitive landscape. The company’s strategic shifts in legal structure were aimed at enhancing operational efficacy, solidifying its market presence, and attracting potential investors. Oman International Group SAOC’s journey exemplifies its commitment to quality service, adeptly navigating industry dynamics, and fostering innovation to meet evolving demands. With a customer-centric approach and a skilled workforce, the company remains a frontrunner in the Facilities Management sector, a testament to its resilience and ability to thrive over the years.

We operate in a range of key market sectors including:

Oman International Group SAOC strategically operates across diverse sectors, including government and residential buildings, business, banking, and industry. It also extends its services to defense establishments, hotels, airports, oil and gas facilities, healthcare institutions, and construction projects. Moreover, the company excels in waste management, logistics, residential services, retail environments, and maintenance projects. Its commitment to quality education is evident through its contributions to the education sector. In each sector, Oman International Group SAOC leverages its 42 years of experience to deliver comprehensive facilities management solutions, combining expertise, innovation, and customer-centered approaches to ensure optimal operational efficiency and client satisfaction.






Waste management



Oil & gas


Hotels & airports

Business, banking & industry

Government and residential building

Our Mission

Develop inspired customers by providing premium products and services for a better future.

Our Vision

To ethically grow our business with ideal solutions that appeal to the changing global environment

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