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As industry leaders in all aspects of facilities management, we pride ourselves on delivering high standards of service to all our clients. We specialise in large projects, corporate or government, and develop long term relationships that enable us to deliver a consistent and professional service. We will evaluate your requirements in detail and bring our experience to bear in recommending industrial and automated cleaning solutions to ensure a cost effective solution.

Our cleaning services include providing all relevant machines and environmentally friendly cleaning products as well as a suitable labour force to tackle the inside and outside of buildings, shopping malls, windows (internal and external), curtains, furniture, carpets and office equipment.

Our Services Include

Floor cleaning

Marble polishing

Window cleaning

Façade cleaning

Carpet shampooing

Sofa shampooing

Airport baggage handling

Trolley management

Integrated Facility Management
Industrial & Automated Cleaning

Aircraft cleaning

Corporate & Government Specialties
Interior Excellence
Exterior Maintenance
Sustainable Cleaning Solutions
Retail & Commercial Services
Textile & Upholstery Care

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