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Pest Management

Oman International Group SAOC (OIG) expertly provides effective, reliable, trusted and innovative pest management solutions to residential homes and commercial properties nationwide.

OIG is Oman’s leading pest control services and products brand that provides “Integrated Pest Management” solutions to homeowners and businesses in almost all locations in the country. Our nationwide network, professionally trained pest management, anti-insect workers, and insect-specific supervisors’ capabilities are some of the reasons homeowners and businesses choose OIG over other brands when it comes to pest management in Oman.

OIG has an entomologist team specialising in Public Health Pest Management Services. OIG is fully qualified to deal with and supply pre and post-construction anti-termite treatment.

Our Services Include

Cockroach and Ants Management
General Disinfection
Fly Management
Mosquitoes Management
Rodent Management
Stray Cat Management
Snake Management
Scorpion Management
Bed Bugs Management
Bird Management
Garden Pest Management
Pre-construction Termite
Post-construction Termite
Anti-Termite Treatment
Commercial Pest Management
Health & Safety Pest Control
Eco-Friendly Fumigation

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