Residential services


Do you need some help with the spring cleaning? OIG offers a bespoke service to the residential sector – whether you are a landlord cleaning up after your tenants have left, or new tenants moving to a new house, we are here to help. We will do a thorough and efficient one off clean making your house look as good as new.


OIG have teams of green fingered experts ready to come and help make your garden look fantastic. We can design, advise on tree planting, watering and what plants grow well and when and how to make the best of your lawn. OIG can make sure your garden looks its best at all times of the year.

Pest Control

Pests sometimes come to light in homes at inconvenient times and in awkward places. Our team of entomologists will come to your house and garden quickly and eradicate these pests efficiently and effectively. We recognize that in a domestic environment, this must be done using safe and environmentally friendly products that pose no risk to the householders.


OIG provide regular servicing of your AC’s, water heaters, plumbing fixtures, and electrical system maintenance. We also, provide handyman services. We provide planned preventive or condition based maintenance services

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