Following four years of planning and construction OIG has inaugurated a “state of the art” accommodation facility in Tawiyat. The new facility is able to accommodate over 2000 staff and is equipped with a modern commercial kitchen capable of providing three meals a day for more than 4000 staff.

The accommodation is conveniently located to provide easy access to many of our clients thereby minimizing travel time for our staff. We embarked on a construction program 10 years ago to reduce our dependency on rented accommodation and improve the quality of the living conditions of our valuable staff and this largest of the eight facilities we have built. All of our facilities meet rigorous HSE standards and ensure a high level of comfort for our staff. Our construction partner NECC Llc has been able to complete the project ahead of the budgeted timescale despite the Covid-19 pandemic.

The facility also includes a medical clinic, training facilities as well as CCTV for security and a large dining hall. We have also included environmentally friendly systems to allow for water recycling and energy efficiencies.
OIG is one of the leading Facility Management providers in Oman delivering services to government and corporate entities as well as to a select group of private customers.

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