Sweeping Clean in 2018

As part of a combined capital replacement programme and service improvement initiative, the Environmental Team within the Coastal IFM operated by contractor OIG have invested in new road sweeping technology to serve the Mina Al Fahal industrial area and Ras Al Hamra housing area. The new machine was officially put to work at the start of 2018 following an official unveiling by Azzan Kindy, Corporate Real Estate Manager (UIB), on behalf of the joint IFM team, and will now provide an all year round service, regardless of temperatures.

In addition it will provide the operator a highly comfortable working environment and safety minded operation: The new machine satisfies the most recent European emission regulations with safety features including a reverse camera the cabin next to an acoustical warning. This is in addition to a highly efficient and innovative leading edge and filtration and vacuum system, 35% more efficient than a traditional road sweeping system.

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