MUSCAT: A motivated group of 30 graduates is currently undergoing induction training at OIG’s headquarters, The Al Rawahy Complex, in Wattayah under the support of the National Training Fund (NTF) and have guaranteed employment from OIG.

The trainees will be provided with intensive training both theoretical and practical hands-on by OIG’s dedicated training department. This will include man management and contract management skills which will also be enhanced by field training on one of OIG’s many contracts.

OIG’s CEO, Tim Vallancey, said, “We support this programme to develop a local workforce. We are committed throughout the company to increasing In Country Value (ICV) by driving meaningful initiatives that achieve greater Omani employment, maximise the use of local goods and services and effective Domestic Direct Investment (DDI). OIG has been a longstanding contributor and supporter of these initiatives sponsored by our shareholders, board of directors and down through the company structure and is evidenced by the large number of Omanis already employed in our company the number of which has doubled over the last few years.”

The trainees will spend five months on the training programme with a combination of office based training, learning the systems, human resource management and on-the –job training in the field shadowing other experienced staff ensuring that they have the required skills and knowledge to do the job in hand at the end of the programme.

OIG is Oman’s leading Total Facilities Management company with a track record spanning over 40 years providing a full range of both soft and hard services which include cleaning, maintenance (HVAC & MEP), landscaping, pest control, catering, waste management and product sales to government, corporate and private clients.

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